Jockey driver no cdl

Company Name:
Perdue Farms, Inc.
Description/Job Summary
This position will position trailers at loading and receiving dock doors; pull trailers from dock doors; start cooling units; set temperature on cooling units; seal trailer doors, park trailers in designated parking areas on the yard.
2nd Shift.
1. Position trailers at loading and receiving dock doors, and check trailer wheels. Must give and receive information via two way radio.
2. Remove trailers from dock doors; close and seal trailer doors; set cooling unit temperature; make periodic checks.
3. Park trailers in designated areas on the yard; trailer movement rate must average five trailer per hour for the shift.
4. Perform daily pretrip inspection on jockey tractor.
5. Clean and refuel jockey tractor; check fluid levels ( oil, antifreeze,, transmission fluid)
6. Take jockey tractor to garage when not functioning properly; fuel all trailers 1/2 or below 7 refuel fueling truck before shift ends.
Required Skills
Valid Driver license as jockey truck must be driven across public highway for refueling.
Required Experience
Previous experience operating a jockey truck or tractor trailer.
Perdue family of companies is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce.

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